See the outback from new heights!!

NT Soaring takes to the skies in the heart of Australia to provide you with an experience like no other! Whether you are a local looking for a new adventure or a visitor to the Red Centre wanting to explore the unknown, we are running flights six days a week for you to come down and enjoy what NT Soaring has to offer.

Gliding is an exhilarating yet serene flying experience that will always leave you wanting more. We are proud of the beautiful and breath-taking land that is the Australian Outback, and we want to share it with you, soaring among the clouds.

We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan, and your wellbeing is our highest priority. Our gliders are well maintained according to all regulations and are frequently assessed to ensure we are providing you with the safest flights.

Booking has never been easier; talk to our friendly team to organise your adventure and start your journey!

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Gliding options and pricing.

20-Minute Air Experience Flight

Experience the thrill of gliding above the Red Centre for 20 minutes in this opportunity of a lifetime!

2-Hour Gliding Adventure

Be a glider pilot student for two hours and get in the air with three winch launches packed with plenty of hands-on learning!

1 Day Soaring Experience

Spend the day gliding the Bonds Springs Airstrip for a one-on-one learning experience!

2 Day Gliding Experience Course

Two days packed with action, theory, and hands-on gliding with our renowned pilots!

1 Week Learning to Fly Course

Learn to fly solo with NT Soaring and the Alice Springs Gliding Club over five days of adventure!


Our Pilots

Robert Smits

"Every single flight is different, even if it is a short one and in the air you are completely free and happy"

Robert is a Gliding Australia Credited Instructor and has spent over two thousand hours flying gliders. He competes regularly in state and national championships and is a skilled cross-country coach and aerobatics pilot. Robert calls the dusty red outback his home and continues his passion for flying by training others and taking any chance to get in the air. Gliding since he was thirteen years old, Robert holds ratings on more than forty types of gliders, is a qualified sailplane inspector and repairer
As a co-founder of NT Soaring and an essential member of the Alice Springs Gliding Club, Robert is always on the airstrip, ready for an adventure.


"You never stop learning, it is always a challenge, and you leave all your troubles on the ground"

Jenny has had a long relationship with aviation that has journeyed through hang gliding, flying powered aircraft, and gliding. This passion has accompanied her internationally in the Women’s World Gliding Competition in the Czech Republic, several of the Women’s World Hang Gliding competitions, breaking various world records in hang gliding, and carried through into her many aviation-related careers. As a tug pilot, gliding instructor and recreational aviation instructor, Jenny has amassed over three thousand hours gliding and aims to achieve more. She is currently ranked 27th in Australia and is part of the Australian Women’s Gliding team with numerous glider maintenance ratings
Jenny is a proud member and current Chief Flying Instructor of the Alice Springs Gliding Club, and with her many hours of gliding, she is a Gliding Australia Credited Instructor with a true passion for teaching her beloved sport.

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