Learn to fly gliders in Alice Springs!

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One Week Intensive Course

How to become a pilot? Learn to fly gliders with NT Soaring and the Alice Springs Gliding Club!

We will organise transfers, accommodation, club membership, glider hire and more.

We offer one week ab-initio courses, post-solo training, and cross country flying training. Want to try it out? What about a one day course? Includes briefing, theory lecture, up to 5 winch launches and ample hands-on soaring time!


When, how, where?

We fly Monday to Friday, throughout the year. We run one day, two day and week long gliding courses, and we do daily air experience flights - for individuals, couples or groups. Gliding - definitely one of the most exciting things to do in Alice Springs!

We fly from Bond Springs Aiirstrip, just 25 km North of Alice Springs. We work in co-operation with the Alice Springs Gliding Club


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1. Unforgettable Outback experience

2. Unique Australian Alice Springs hospitality

3. You WILL learn to fly a glider in a week

4. You WILL be hooked for life!

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We operate from Bond Springs Airstrip, just 25 km North of Alice Springs. Call for appointments.


NT SOARING, Stuart Highway, Burt Plain NT

0427 368 707


We're operating 7 days a week, all year round!