1 Week Learning to Fly Course


Accelerate your learning with our five-day gliding course in association with the Alice Springs Gliding Club and become a part of a truly unique community like no other.

This course is limited to people above the age of fourteen and includes membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia, an Alice Springs Gliding club membership, training manuals, winch launch fees, glider hire and about ten hours of flight time.

As a demanding and intense course, we aim to get you flying solo or as close to it depending on your aptitude. Although we recommend completing this course consecutively to give you the best training, it can be split into a two-day and three-day course with a short break in between, according to your schedule.

We start the day with a pre-flight briefing, theory lecture on various gliding topics and preparing the gliders for flight, then getting you in the air to begin your training. We provide a printed copy of ‘Australian Gliding Knowledge’ and a GFA Glider Pilot Training Record to keep track of your progress.

Once your five-day course finishes, you can continue your training with us, as we offer post-solo training and cross-country training. Gliding is a versatile sport with infinite opportunities, and an exciting activity that you never stop learning.


Flying solo is a feeling like no other; in the air soaring silently with endless possibilities is a rush that never gets old. Book your course with us and start your glider pilot journey with NT Soaring!

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