Step 1) Join the Gliding Federation of Australia. You can do this online at http://www.glidingaustralia.org , follow the links for new members. To fly a glider in Australia you must be a member of GFA.


Step 2) Join a gliding club. NT Soaring membership is free and there is no joining fee.


Step 3) Book a course. GFA strongly recommends one week gliding courses. These will get you flying solo, or at least close to it, in 5 days. The accelerated learning process is today much preferred over the slower pace of club training, which in some occasions could drag out to months, even years to make proper progress.

NT Soaring runs these courses every week, from March through to November. This will get you in a single seater fast – so you can start enjoying the sky with your club mates much quicker than ever before.


Step 4) Once you’re flying solo there is so much more to learn; the real fun begins! You can now continue flying with NT Soaring and fly single seaters for reduced rates 7 days a week, when it suits your busy schedule.  No volunteer work required! – Or you can join the Alice Springs Gliding Club and start flying Saturdays when the club operates.


Step 5) Next you start working towards your A, B and C certificate, and finally the Glider pIlot Certificate, which allows you to fly passengers, cross country flights, and operate independently of a club. The various certificates are steps you’ll take towards becoming a real soaring pilot. There is so much more to learn and especially fine tuning your skills to stay in the air will take some time. You can work towards this through the gliding club, or again you can do accelerated courses towards this with NT Soaring as well. Talk with us; we will always work in with your availabilty schedule.


Step 6) Before you know it you might hire a club glider and go cross country to do a badge flight, enter a competition, travel to go and experience mountain wave flying – the sky is litterally the limit! At this stage you might also consider to buy your own glider, given you the ultimate freedom to fly when and whereever you like. A glider usually doesn’t cost more than a small car; good performing and pleasant to fly gliders are available from less than $10,000 up to half a million dollars and more. The coice is yours! The cheaper ones are just as good, they are often just older but just as much fun to fly.



With NT Soaring you will get absolute one on one instruction from experienced professional GFA accredited instructors. We all have thousands of gliding hours and are active cross country pilots, regularly partaking in state, national and even world gliding championships. We can train you from ab-initio to cross country coaching, 7 days a week, all year round and at days or hours that suit you.

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