Air Experience Flights


What is it?

You will be in the front seat of a two-seat glider, with dual controls. Your instructor sits behind you (so you have the best view!) and you will even get to fly the glider yourself once you''re up in the air.

Weather permitting you will soar for about 20 minutes, after an exhilarating winch launch which will get you to more than 1,000 feet above ground level in just a few seconds.

What does it cost?

Glider rides are a great way of "testing the waters" and see if you really like to become a glider pilot! It's also a great way just to experience motorless flight and take in the grand views of the desert landscape of the Tanami Desert. More often than not you'll get to see wedge tail eagles up close!

A flight will cost $225 and includes winch launch, 20 minutes flight (or two shorter launches weather permitting), and mandatory temporary membership of GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia). An experience of a lifetime not to be missed!

Vouchers available

Want to surprise someone with an unique gift? We have trial flight vouchers available which can be redeemed through our booking system at any time. To order a gift voucher call 0427 368 707, or email Vouchers can be send by post or picked up in town in Alice Springs.

What do I bring - are there any limitations?

Bring your phone or camera for sure! Wear casual clothing. Weight limit is 100 kg and we have no age restrictions.


Do I have to book on beforehand? Yes - You can book your flight online through the Discover Central Australia Website, see link at the top and at the bottom of this page.

Or give us a call and we book you in manually.You are always welcome to come and have a look at any time, and we'll try to slot you in. But if you want to secure your booking it's best to so online or by calling us directly.

Go Gliding!

Adventure - it's a way of life in the Red Centre!

Read more here and watch the extended footage.