How do I get to Bond Springs?

Enter “NT Soaring” into Google maps –  it will take you to the right place.
DO NOT enter “Bond Springs” into google maps as it will take you to Bond Springs homestead, which is a different place altogether. To get to the Bond Springs Airstrip, take the Stuart Highway, towards Darwin, and drive for about 25 km. After passing the Tanami road junction and the highest point marker there will be a 130 km/hr speed limit sign. The turnoff to the air strip is about 100m past the sign, on the left. There is a small sign on the right-hand side of the road pointing to Bond Springs Airstrip and our NT Soaring sign will guide you

Do I need to book?

Yes, booking in advance is required. Contact us to book or to use your Territory Tourism Voucher, please book through NT Tourism in person or online – https://www.discovercentralaustralia.com/nt-soaring

Are there any personal limits to gliding?

Our gliders have a 100kg weight limit and children under ten years old cannot participate in gliding. Learning to fly gliders is restricted to people above the age of fourteen to comply with GFA policies. Please advise our team of any health conditions when booking.

What if I arrive and the weather conditions obstruct my flight?

As pilots, our biggest enemy is the weather, and it can be very disappointing to have it ruin an exciting day. If the weather does not allow us to fly, we are happy to reschedule your adventure to another day free of charge!

What do I bring?

Because the heat can be quite harsh, wear casual clothes and bring a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Some people can become nauseous gliding, so we recommend taking a motion sickness pill such as ‘Kwels,’ so you can enjoy you day with us with out any worries.

What if I want to book with another person or group?

Our dual controlled gliders fit one passenger and a pilot. If you wish to participate with another person, we can fly up to three gliders at the same time (if the weather allows us to).