Welcome to NT Soaring and ASGC

The Bond Springs Airstrip is just 25km North of Alice Springs, but far enough from town to experience being in the Outback. Alice Springs has the best weather for year-round gliding and breath-taking views. The Alice Springs Gliding Club and NT Soaring have great facilities, including an airconditioned flight centre, club rooms and accommodation for your visit.
We have several powered camp sites for caravans or campers, along with double bedrooms, with air conditioning, two kitchens, bathroom facilities and a wood fired barbeque.

Follow in Hans Werners Grosse’s foosteps

Long distance flights ranging from 500 to 750 kilometres can be achieved safely, as there are plenty of station strips and community airports around. Alternatively, out landing on the roads with up to eighteen metre gliders is generally not an issue as well.

SPOT trackers are mandatory, and we can provide some if needed. OGN base station is under development.

Glider Hire and Hangar Space

Our gliders for hire include the two-seater Twin Astir, ASK-21, Puchasz, single seater Astir-CS, LS-7. LS-4 and Cirrus.

Oxygen filling is available at our premises, along with limited fuel and hangar space. We have plenty of tie-downs outside and our gliders are launched by two double drum winches with Dyneema.

Flight Options and Prices for Pilots

Winch Launch

Winch launch costs $20 for vistors and Alice Springs Gliding Club members.

Glider Hire

Our glider hires costs $250 per day and are available for training and coaching: ASK-21, Twin Astir, Puchacz and Blanik two seaters. Limited available for hire: Two Astir CS, Jantar Junior, LS-4, ASW-17, Cirrus.


We have two rooms available with queen beds, including the use of a kitchen, club house, barbeque, bathroom amenities for $25 per person.

Become a member of the Alice Springs Gliding Club!

You can become an NT Soaring Club member for $100 per year to participate in club events and join our close community.

As a member of the Alice Springs Gliding Club, you receive discounts on winch launches and glider hire!

As a legal requirement to fly a glider or learning to fly gliders in Australia is a membership of the governing body Gliding Australia, and a membership of an affiliated gliding club. Membership of NT Soaring is free if you are a member of the Alice Springs Gliding Club, otherwise we offer a temporary one-year NT Soaring membership for $100 that also permits you to fly at other gliding clubs. The Gliding Federation of Australia also sells temporary three-month memberships

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